I’ve worked as an actor in front of the camera for 45 years, and behind the camera as a photographer for 40 years. I’m equally comfortable in both places, and one of my tasks as a photographer is to share the comfort zone.How is that done? Well we get to know each other. You don’t just show up blindly on “the day” and do it. Yes, as an actor that’s part of the job description, but when you’re the client and in the driver’s seat, and putting out money for a service, you get to call the shots. How’s that for a switch? You also have the luxury of just taking your time~to enjoy the experience, and just breathe…

I also work with relaxation techniques~I’ve trained and studied~ and quite spontaneously incorporate them in our time together.

As for the shooting session, we just shoot until we get it right. Even though I’m a bit of a purist and have a preference for black and white film, I understand the world of “instant gratification”, and so I’m equally comfortable shooting digital color photos, putting them on a CD for you and you’re out the door with your product.

And shooting digital allows us to evaluate the process on the computer as we go along, so there are no surprises~you have that sense of well-being and success when we bring our session to a close.

It’s that simple…that direct.

I’m a great believer in letting the work speak for itself. So, If you like what I do, the look of it, etc. then jump on in.

Best wishes ~Allan